A volunteer is a person who seeks to serve with the only reward of a sense of happiness with the achievement of the concluded task. ProParques offers this opportunity through its volunteer program.

Through the implementation of concrete projects, ProParques includes volunteering so that the works become a unique life experience, to work in a national park is to help in the search of the long-term sustainability of these natural treasures. We offer:

  • A unique experience. The work is carried out jointly with the park rangers; the tour in the protected areas is experienced in a different way, more personal and much more identified with the great cause of protecting our resources.
  • Wonderful destinations. A national park is a place that’s filled with landscapes, surrounded by beautiful nature. You’ll be able to know impressive volcanoes, astonishing beaches and forests.
  •  Reward. Each project that is implemented by ProParques is a commitment of excellence with the park, the sponsors and our volunteers. We work so that each achieved initiative is a work of high quality. Our goal is to resolve specific needs of the national parks in an efficient and long-lasting way. The volunteers are an essential part of this achievement.

Join us…become a volunteer and support our projects!

Everyone may be great because each person may serve. A college degree is not required to serve…need only a heart full of tolerance. And a soul arising from love…