Visitors benefit from a better marking system at Chirripo National Park

Leaders’ Project inspired by ProParques:

This project was one of the reasons why this National Park was awarded with the Blue Flag for the first time.

An improved signage for visitors coming to Chirripo National Park to let them enjoy its scenic view with more safety is the outcome of the project “Restoration and Development of the Marking System of Chirripo National Park”, led by Bernal Valderramos, ranger at the park and sponsored by ProParques.

This project improves significantly the damaged marking system and offers legible information to visitors and is part of the Leaders’ Project, an initiative encouraged by ProParques.

“Leaders” was created to motivate the park rangers and to improve the conditions of the protected areas and the services offered to visitors. This way, park rangers of all the protected areas may present projects that they consider vital for the improvement of each park and haven’t received financial resources from public institutions. Each year all of these proposals compete, ProParques chooses the best ones and provides the economic support for their implementation.

Chirripo National Park’s initiative proposed to repair 55 of the existing signs and to install 60 new ones whose contents included signaling and orientation.

“The new marking system uses recycled plastic and complies with the specifications established for the Wildlife Areas. The complete signposting covers the main trail, the trail network of the high area of Chirripo and the entrance to the Park’s Administration Office, located in the community of San Gerardo de Rivas” said Vaderramos.

Thanks to this improvement, other aspects were solved that would allow to take care of an emergency and to lead about 7,000 people that come to the park in the event of an incident.

For the first time in its history, Chirripo National Park was awarded with a Blue Flag in 2011. The marking system initiative and many other projects developed by the Park’s Management were decisive for winning the award; together with many other projects developed by its Management. “One of the reasons for winning this Blue Flag is the trails’ interpretive information, which is part of the project Restoration and Development of the signs of Chirripo National Park”, stated Valderramos.

In addition, the Executive Director of ProParques, Rocio Echeverri, pointed out that the Leaders project has promoted projects ranging from georeferencing in Corcovado, La Cangreja and Braulio Carrillo National Parks to the proper management of solid and organic waste in Cocos Island National Park and Hitoy.