Setting up a show room in the public area of La Amistad International Park


La Amistad International Park. This project was completed in Estacion Altamira, the public area of the park, near the park’s Administration Office. It also encloses walking trails and camping grounds. 

General information:

La Amistad International Park is home to the largest protected terrestrial area of Costa Rica and is renowned for its natural and cultural value, both in our country and worldwide. 

Given the relevance and the diversity of its protected ecosystems, it was declared a World Heritage Site in 1983 by UNESCO. It works as a shelter for those species that require large areas for reproduction and survival. Its surroundings are home to 4% of the country’s terrestrial species and to 90% of its flora, approximately.

In addition, its forests comprise a great variety of fauna such as the tapir, puma, jaguar, ocelot, capuchin and other endangered species.

Project Objectives:

•To create an exhibit room in the park to offer visitors training resources on environmental education, environmental interpretation, graphic and audiovisual information, among other.  

•To offer an adequate and functional space to show communal work, biodiversity collections, research results and relevant aspects of the protected area.

Some of the implemented activities are:

•Repair, electrification and illumination of the exhibit room.

•Paint and purchase of furniture.

•Design and purchase of 4 informative banners.

•Purchase of 2 dehumidifiers.

•Design and construction of a scale model of the public area. 

•Interior and exterior signposting of the exhibit room and purchase of audiovisual equipment.