Restoration and expansion of the signs of Chirripo National Park


Chirripo National Park – La Amistad-Pacifico Conservation Area

At the moment of the project proposal in Chirripo National Park the current marking system was deteriorated, illegible and it lacked information for the tourists. 

A good marking system is required especially in the trail network located in the highest point of the park as it’s the area that leads to the greater part of tourist attractions. The posting of signs with information related to environmental interpretation, motivation, orientation and safety is needed.

With this improvement other aspects will be fulfilled to take care of an emergency and guide about 7,000 people that come to the park in the event of an incident.

The project is focused specifically on the restoration of fifty-five existing signs as well as in the installation of sixty new ones with directions, guidance and sign language interpretation. As a thematic complement, positive messages about values and appreciation for the environment will be included.

The new marking system was made from recycled plastic and according to the specifications established for wildlife areas. With this Chirripo National Park aims at positioning itself as a model park for the use of clean technologies, for strengthening its recycling program and for achieving the Blue Ecological Flag.

The complete marking system will cover the main path, the trail network of the high area of Chirripo and the entrance of the Park’s Administration, located in the community of San Gerardo de Rivas. 


The total investment is $7.000.00 and it has the financial support of the University for International Economic Cooperation (UCCI for its Spanish acronym).