Renovation of Canto del Agua Natural Trail.


Guayabo National Monument is in the Central Volcanic Mountain Range Conservation Area.

General Information:

This national monument was created to protect and preserve one of the country’s most important archaeological sites, its flora, its fauna and its water resources. Among its features, temperature and precipitation are variable and the topography is irregular.

Among its objectives, the project mainly proposed to improve one of its trails, Canto del Agua Natural Trail in order to provide visitors with better access, security and information during the tour.

 Project Objectives:

•To provide the Administration of Guayabo National Monument with the required materials to renovate Canto del Agua Natural Trail. 

•To give proper maintenance to the park’s infrastructure without affecting its cultural and natural resources.


•Purchase of various construction materials to improve the trail, such as: Wood, cured plank, stone, sand, black matte paint, brushes, thinner, sewage system, cement, nails and printed materials for the trail’s brochures.  

•Completion of the improvements and contribution of volunteer labor for the trail’s renovation and for setting up the marking system in the protected area.