Red macaw nest georeferencing in La Cangreja National Park and its buffer zones.


La Cangreja National Park, Paso de la Lapa Biological Corridor

General information:

The starting point of the project was to raise awareness in the area´s population, organized groups and related institutions of the need to protect the red macaw. At the same time to foster an ongoing relationship with the farm owners to protect the trees sheltering the nests and the chicks and promote environmental tourism. 


Some of the actions taken are:

•Georeferencing of the existing macaw (Ara Macao) nests in La Cangreja National Park and its buffer zone, especially in the area located in Paso de la Lapa Biological Corridor.

•Creation of a team to help track down the existing nests in the area.

•Training for project associates. 

•Acquisition of equipment and materials required for the implementation of the project. 

•Dissemination of the project´s results to the population involved.