Organic waste management in Cocos Island National Park (PNIC)


Located in the Pacific Ocean, 533 kilometers southeast of Cabo Blanco Absolute Natural Reserve.


24,000 square kilometers

General Information:

One of the world’s most famous places due to the following conditions:

•Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site

•Wetlands of International Importance (Ramsar Site)

•Declared National Cultural and Historical Patrimony by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of Costa Rica.

The project begins in this context as a response to one of the problems of the island: organic waste management.

Despite the eradication of invasive species of both flora and fauna, a new method was required to prevent seed growth that result from the appearance of plant-based foods.

One way to achieve this was to build compost device capable of neutralizing any possibility of germination of new flora and obtaining organic fertilizer for the plant nurseries of the island’s endemic species. 

Project Objective:

To handle efficiently the organic waste in Cocos Island National Park without impacting the environment.


•Staff training on recycling practices or waste classification and implementation of new practices to produce the least impact on the ecosystems.

•Training lectures on the use and handling of new substances.

•Construction of a compost device.

Counseling and logistics.