Marking the touristic trails of Corcovado National Park

The marking and the maintenance of signs in the trails of the park is vital for the direction, the tour and the safety of the tourists. It contributes to the identification of animal and vegetable species and to expand the learning potential.

This is the logic and the rationale of the Project “Marking System in the touristic trails of Corcovado National Park” which started as of February of 2010.

Part of the activities to be carried out initially will be the posting of signs in the main trails or stations of Leona-Sirena, Los Patos-Sirena, San Pedrillo–Sirena and their complementary trails with informative and interpretive signs so that the tourist has an educational and safe trip. 

Characteristics of the trails:

Leona - Sirena Trail:

Location: Leona station is located 46 kilometers away from Puerto Jimenez, the largest town of the Osa Peninsula. 

Tour extension: 16 kilometers. Most of the tour is walking along the beach for about 6 to 7 hours.

Los Patos - Sirena Trail:

Location: Los Patos station is located 14 kilometers away from Palma, the second largest town of the Osa Peninsula.

Tour extension: 20 kilometers. The whole tour is through the forest and it takes between 8 – 10 hours.

San Pedrillo - Sirena Trail:

Location: San Pedrillo station is located 16 kilometers from Agujitas town in Drake Bay. To get there, most tourists do it by boat.

Tour extension: 25 kilometers. The largest part of the tour is along the beach and it takes 10 hours approximately.