Marking System of Punta Catedral Trail

A project of the marking system of Punta Catedral Trail in Manuel Antonio National Park was executed thanks to the shared efforts of ProParques and Europcar, whose staff demonstrated their real commitment to volunteer work. 

As part of its social responsibility program, this rental-car company donated the signs and motivated its employees to participate in the signaling journey. The group of volunteers was in charge of placing all the prevention signs of the new 1.6-km long trail, that has offers an impressive panoramic view of the park and was built thanks to the contribution from ProParques as well as from other institutions and companies. 

The volunteers carried cement, water and tools in a working day that started very early in the morning and finished at 5:00 p.m., with tired faces but with an indelible smile.

“It was an exceptional experience, the colleagues that participated were all exhausted when finished but we were very glad for being able to collaborate. It was our first volunteer project with ProParques and you can count on us for the next”, said Claudia Sibrian, Europcar’s Director of Sustainable Management.

The whole task of assembling the first sign will remain in her memory as a remarkable anecdote when noticed that after all that work the sign was upside down. “It was a lot of fun but very tiring, I visited the park later on and it is very nice to go back and see the outcome of such an effort”, she described.

The company has at least one volunteer project in each of its branches: San Antonio de Belen, Paseo Colon and Liberia, where they keep looking for more companies to join and work for the community of Guanacaste.

The clean-up of Paseo Colon and the planting of trees in Parque Los Conejos in Rohrmoser are part of the company’s volunteer program.

The volunteer programs are carried out during regular working hours so that the free time of the staff remains unaffected and aim at integrating people from different departments in each campaign.

“Volunteer work is beneficial for everyone, on the one hand we help the environment and support the community; on the other hand it also improves the working environment to a great extent”, explained Sibrian.

Through its campaign, “Haga su Renta Verde”, EuropCar seeks to involve its customers actively by inviting them to donate $2.00 for each rented car. Half of the resources are used to mitigate the carbon footprint by planting trees and the other portion is spent to support programs related to responsible practices.