Marking System in the National Parks

A marking system within the national parks is a very useful tool to guide and improve the quality of the visitors' experience; crucial for prevention and security. Many of them lack one with information on directions, the astonishing biodiversity and the services.

The project proposal aims at the installation  of information kiosks to share basic details such as the facilities and services offered, directions, code of conduct and potential dangers and risks.

Our goal is to donate marking systems made with durable, high-quality materials to ten national parks with pertaining information and descriptions for each location.

We look for donors who wish to sponsor these materials and  who feel identified with a specific park.

The parks to which we want to offer this project are:

1) Manuel Antonio National Park. Visitation : 342,279 (2012) 

Marking system donated by CRT

2) Arenal Volcano National Park. Visitation : 63,460 (2012)

3) Marino Ballena Visitation : 143,247  (2012)

4) Cahuita National Park. Visitation :  84,346 (2012)

5) Tenorio Volcano National Park. Visitation : 23,331( 2010)

6) Corcovado National Park. Visitation : 28,861 ( 2012)

7) Tapantí National Park. Visitation : 18,467 (2010)

8) Carara National Park. Visitation : 25,032 (2010)

9) San Lucas Island Wildlife Refuge. Visitation : 2,885 (2010)

10) Braulio Carrillo National Park. Visitation :15,822 ( 2010)

 We already have the first marking system in Manuel Antonio National Park and Cipanci Wildlife Refuge, so either you or your company may help the rest of the parks wich are still in need of this useful tool.