Guayabo National Monument Program

In order to preserve the cultural and natural patrimony of this archaeological site and to better expand local and international tourism to Guayabo National Monument, the Cultural and Cooperation Center for Central America (CCCAC for its Spanish acronym) of the French Embassy worked in partnership with ProParques to bring the expert Christiane Naffah, Director of the Center for Research and Restoration of Museums of France, to Costa Rica in early January of 2007 for a site assessment and recommendations for its conservation. Based on her suggestions, ProParques invited specialist Alfredo Narvaez, a Peruvian archaeologist with vast experience in the Peruvian Amazon, for his recommendations for a planned intervention in Guayabo National Monument.

The Director of the Center for Research and Restoration of Museums of France, Christiane Naffah-Bayle (accompanied by the French archaeologist Elisende Coladan, an associate of ProParques who’s based in Costa Rica), visited two archaeological sites of great relevance for our country: Guayabo National Monument and El Pedregal at the Maritza Biological Station in the Area de Conservacion Guanacaste.  

Naffah-Bayle was invited by the French Cooperation and ProParques to come to the country from January 2-7 in order receive her assessment on the conservation conditions of these two sites. 

Invited by ProParques, the Peruvian architect Alfredo Narvaez traveled for the first time to the country from March 27 to April 3. During this time, he stayed a few days in Guayabo, met with the Commission for Archaeological Management of Guayabo, (MINAE/ Center of Research and Preservation of the Cultural Patrimony -CICPC/UNA) and gave a conference to a large crowd at the National Museum on the tasks that were carried out in the Fortress of Kuelap over the last few years.

In coordination with ProParques, he drafted a detailed report in late April with recommendations for the enhancement, research, preservation and public use (tourist adaptation) of Guayabo. This report was delivered to the authorities of the environment, culture and heritage, as well as to different people linked to the site.