Gathering of satellite information to protect Corcovado National Park


Corcovado National Park

General Information:

One of the greatest needs in this park is mapping and collecting data within its premises in order to keep track of poachers, gold miners, campsites and relevant information on its flora and fauna. Likewise, to gather data by means of satellite signal and radio contact for the protection of trails, for research and tourism purposes.

This would be the primary source of information for the decision-making of park rangers and other interested parties in the management of protected areas. 

Project Objective:

To provide the staff of Corcovado National Park with the equipment and the training required for the gathering and analysis of data.


•Training provided to the staff.

•The implementation of 3 training modules:

Introduction to basic cartography

Introduction to Geographical Information Systems

Advanced GPS and ArcView

•Some topics of the module:

•Topographical map, basic components of a map, symbols, water boundary representation, geographic localization, landform representation.

•Architecture of a GIS, subsystems of a GIS, data entry, database management, analysis, creation of products (maps, tables, graphics, spatial graphics).

•Image scanning and georeferencing, digital representation and georeferencing of geographic elements, spatial and statistical analysis through the use of ArcView (Xtools), use of Distance/Azimuth Tools.

Complementary activities:

•The repair of computer equipment.

•The purchase of equipment (computers, GPS).

•The retrieval of field spots through GPS.

•Information processing.

•Drafting of protocols and data systematization.

•Maps arrangement.