First aid and basic CPR trainings for the park rangers


Thanks to the shared efforts of ProParques and Costa Rica Rainforest Outward Bound (CRROBS), the park rangers from the national parks and protected areas were trained in basic first aid and CPR skills.   

The training began in February 2011 at SINAC’s headquarters and subsequently, instructor Daniel Jimenez of CRROBS gave monthly training courses in the different conservation areas.

The participants first attended a two-day theoretical course and soon after took a practical test to comply with the requirements for certification.   

According to Jimenez, the selected participants were thankful and satisfied in most cases, especially because these tools are considered necessary so that the park rangers do a better job.

Course for the marine park rangers 

Furthermore, in order to reinforce the training of marine park rangers, MarViva coordinated a course addressed specifically to officials whose work is done at sea. As part of the 30-day course, ProParques sponsored a specialized water-rescue module, taught by Costa Rica Rainforest Outwardbound (CRROBS).  

This module lasted 3 days and the emphasis was to learn and practice different water rescue techniques. This training provided the park rangers with the needed knowledge to make a decision as to what would be the best strategy for an effective water rescue in an emergency.  

Thanks to the Alliance of ProParques and CRROBS, more than 200 park rangers were trained in first aid and rescue skills. Costa Rica Rainforest Outward Bound (CRROBS).