Electricity services for the house of the park rangers of Rincon de la Vieja National Park

The house of the park rangers in the area of Pailas of Rincon de la Vieja National Park lacks electricity service. A solar panel was installed 20 years ago to provide very basic energy for the staff.

A change is required after so many years as only one active communication radio can be set and just one or two lamps can be on during the night. Furthermore, the new duties in the park, the increase of personeel and the cloudy climate compels for the electrification of the property. The staff cannot refrigerate their food so they have to bring a cooler but to travel 25km to get ice.

Everything has to be hand-washed, there's not even one appliance available and from a work standpoint, the house is not equipped for the use of a computer or other required equipments that would facilitate their jobs.

This project will provide staff with modern-life items such as refrigerator, washing machine and basic appliances that will improve in a great extent quality of life. Also, they will be able to use equipment such as computers and printers in order to carry out technical and administrative site projects.