Chirripo takes the lead in the reduction of water consumption

Chirripo National Park’s annual water consumption was decreased by 759,000 liters of water approximately thanks to a complete change in all of its plumbing system, urinals, lavatories and toilets for high-efficiency or water-free systems, known as Salvagua.

This positions the park, which is part of the Area de Conservacion la Amistad-Pacifico, as a leader in the effort to ensure that the national parks are a model of sustainable practices in all areas; in this particular case for the protection and responsible management of water resources.

An ambitious project proposed by this conservation area represents an investment of more than CRC6.5 million for ProParques; it was developed jointly with Acualogica and included both the offices and the shelter for the tourists that come to Chirripo National Park. 

Aside from saving water, it implies significant reductions (80%) in pumping costs that are quite expensive due to the high altitude. It also entails a drastic reduction in wastewater generation.

“This project means a lot to us because we will be at the vanguard in terms of best practices in responsible water management. At the same time, it will bring significant reductions in administrative and maintenance costs”, pointed out Bernal Valderramos, Manager of Chirripo National Park.

In addition to this, Rocio Echeverri, Executive Director of ProParques, stated that “this initiative also contributed to improve the experience of tourists in such an emblematic park like Chirripo, as it is now possible to find high-technology and high-quality restrooms”.

Part of the project included the installation of 20 toilets, 2 urinals, 28 temporized and smart aerator and 16 bathroom shower fixtures, according to David Simon, representative of Acualogica. Water-saving rates are in the range of 42% in the showers up to 77% in the toilets. As for the new urinals, they require no water at all. We are talking about cutting-edge technology that is used in some of the world’s most prestigious facilities and in leading Costa Rican corporations committed to the environment.