Carara National Park’s new aqueduct

  • A project financed by Amigos de los Parques ensures the availability of potable water for park rangers and visitors. 

The serious problems of water supply that were suffered for many years by visitors and park rangers of Carara National Park were left behind thanks to the construction of the new aqueduct, financed by the Amigos de los Parques Program and sponsored by Nativa Resort.

In recent years, officers of this national park have faced health problems related to the lack of potable water and to water scarcity during the summer, which also affected visitors in this protected area.

In order to solve these problems, a pipeline of more than 2 kilometers long was set up; beginning from a water collecting tank in Nativa Resort´s area to the park rangers’ living facilities and to the universal access trail that was built last year in Carara National Park.

The support received on behalf of private corporations and from volunteers was crucial. Nativa Resort also facilitated heavy equipment for the works, Mexichem and the Empresa de Servicios Publicos de Heredia helped with their technical volunteers and Telefonica and independent volunteers helped with the construction. 

“The new aqueduct provides better living and working conditions for the park rangers and also improves the experience of tourists, whose visits have increased since we built the universal access trail. We thank the corporations and the volunteers for helping us make a reality this practical solution for specific needs”, said Rocio Echeverri, Executive Director of ProParques.

The end of a history of problems

Carara National Park was created in 1978 and its water supply came originally from a dwell that was drilled in the park, but according to a potability analysis the water was not apt for human consumption. So, the option was to obtain it from a natural source within the park, but then the problem doubled as there was not enough water flow during the summer and it was at risk of turning into contaminated water because of retaliating actions of illegal hunters.

This is how thanks to the initiative of the affected park rangers, the project of developing a new aqueduct got started and won a contest to benefit from financial resources from Amigos de los Parques, totaling $7,000.00 

The Amigos de los Parques Program is a volunteer membership program that was created by ProParques and sponsored by the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC). ProParques is a non-profit organization integrated by academics, environmentalists and business owners committed to the support and sustainability of the national parks.