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All proceeds will go directly to the actions implemented by ProParques, in compliance with the foundations of the organization.  ProParques looks for individuals and corporations wishing to demonstrate their commitment with the environment; especially with the national parks of Costa Rica, through their contribution to their long-term sustainability.

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Banco Bac San Jose

Colones Account
Account Number: 906022710
Sinpe: 10200009060227108

Dollars Account
Account Number: 906022728
Sinpe: 10200009060227284

Banco Nacional

Colones Account
Account Number: 100-01-075-0008661-9
Sinpe: 15107510010086615

Dollars Account
Account Number: 100-02-075-0600504-7
Sinpe: 15107510026005041

Asociación Pro Sostenibilidad de los Parques Nacionales de las Siete Provincias
Cédula jurídica.3-002-448728 (Corporative ID)

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