Practical solutions for our national parks!

We are a publicly registered non-profit national parks conservation association.  Our members include academics, environmental activists, entrepreneurs, and tourism professionals who are committed to execute projects that assure the long-sustainability of the National Parks of Costa Rica. We are focused on two core objectives: Continuous professional development and support of the park rangers and Enhancement and enrichment of the visitor experience.  

Our organization implements practical solutions for our national parks.


To improve the human experience within the national parks by addressing specific challenges affecting the protected areas.


To organize communities committed to the protection of the national parks.

Board of Directors 2016-2018

  • President: Steven J. Aronson
  • Vice- president: Mario Carvajal
  • Secretary: Ligia Fernández
  • Treasurer: Alejandro Masis
  • Supervisor: Eduardo Carrillo
  • Chair:
  • Hans Pfister
  • María del Mar Echeverría
  • Guillermo Alvarado


  • Executive Director: Rocío Echeverri


  • Stephanie Joseph 
  • Karen Vásquez
  • Natalia Zeledón
  • Cassandra Godoy